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Coach with heart and clarity


My name is Claudia Oertl. I love to support my clients to find their inner solutions and make them real with awesome results. 

Today I live my dream and I love my job. My life was always full of all shades of color and more than once I had to push my lionheart ahead to follow. But one quote from Nelson Mandela inspired me:


  "I never lose. I either win or I learn."


And I learn a lot...


How to live in different social environments, how people adapt themselves and how we are able to change and learn as humans. All this knowledge I love giving to my clients. Another exciting technique is to work with hypnosis and yoga, which allows my clients to gain much deeper experiences and insights.

Since I learned a lot about the body and mind connection and its surprisingly positive results, I always go deeper into neurobiology, meditation, hypnosis and psychotherapy.

The most important insights from working with clients:


We create our world and how we would like to live in our head.
But our emotion, our deepest needs are the key to our happiness.. 

Only, if we bring together emotion and brain, it is possible to be a complete and happy person.



And that is where I want to support you.

Hypnosis, Yoga and coaching strategies are three tools to strengthen and to harmonize body, soul and subconscious.

Do you want to live in full abundance of your skills, creativity and love? Lovingly, successful and assertive at eye level with others? Do you want to discover your strength and how to take chances with courage to get the most awesome results?

Do you want to hit the road to happiness and success? Yes?


Then send me a note via 

welcome@oertl-coaching.com or book your 30 minute jumpstart session.


Your success!!

   Claudia Oertl






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